Q: Who uses ATS CM4D?
A: The ATS CM4D user community includes metrologists in assembly, stamping and die plants, manufacturing engineers, quality managers and engineers, supplier quality managers and engineers, design engineers, warranty analysts and corporate management.

Q: Is ATS CM4D used for programming CMMs?
A: No, ATS CM4D is not a CMM programming interface. It takes over only after data has been acquired by the measurement device. ATS CM4D’s unique advantage is its ability to accept data from any measurement device that can output feature data in ASCII (plain text) format.

Q: What are the benefits of using ATS CM4D
A: The benefits of ATS CM4D include reduced resources for measurement, data management, data analysis and engineering; and improved process control, quality, supplier quality, and knowledge of your process capability.

Q: Can ATS CM4D interface with my metrology hardware and software?
A: ATS CM4D can accept data from any measurement device that is able to output feature data in ASCII (plain text) format. This includes Brown & Sharpe, Taurus, LK, Faro, Romer, DataMyte, LMI, Perceptron, SMX and more. ATS CM4D works comfortably with all common CMM progamming applications, including PCDMIS, Camio, Metrolog and more.

Q: What CAD data formats are supported by ATS CM4D for rendering graphics?
A: ATS CM4D supports the full VRML (.wrl) format specification for tessellated (solid model) images and the IGES (.igs) format for wireframe images.

Q: What chart types does ATS CM4D support?
A: ATS CM4D supports all the basic SPC charts, including Trend, Xbar&R, Xbar&S, XMR, MAMR, 6 Sigma, Histogram, Pareto, Box & Whisker, etc. more

Q: What can I expect upon completion of installation by ATS?
A: ATS will ensure that upon completion of installation, ATS CM4D software is operating properly in your environment, dataflow is in place from all desired measurement devices, and reports are able to be generated as necessary.

Q: What does “ATS CM4D” stand for?
A: Coordinate Measurement Machine Management Mechanism for Data.

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