What Makes ATS CM4D Better Than Other Solutions

Virtual Shimming

Predict assembly and join operations or predict modifications by entering virtual adjustments with ATS CM4D. [more]

Vision Data

ATS CM4D’s flexible data translation interface, DataSmith, works comfortably with the “light” native ASCII output files of virtually any data collection device. This means that ATS CM4D is able to accept and process the high volume of data typically produced by vision gauging equipment, which has a much faster cycle-time than CMMs and other measurement devices. This volume of data tends to overwhelm alternative dimensional data management systems that work with heavier file formats such as DML.


“The most versatile translation tool in coordinate metrology” is also the best kept secret in dimensional data management. The DataSmith translation interface is a unique, intuitive, menu-driven interface that can read data presented in virtually any ASCII format. You decide what information is important. Create only one translator for a given data format and use it again and again—no need to worry if nominals are added or changed.

ATS CM4D Interactive

No other software allows you to create elegant graphical reports as easy or as fast as the ATS CM4D Interactive interface. Simply select the desired measurement routine and click “Load” to see your data. No need to create a template!


A virtual desktop publishing system, the ATS CM4D Classic interface supports virtually any custom requirements for presentation, media, alarming, chart type, statitistics, sample size, variables, etc. Not a frustrating, limited pre-packaged variety of charts that are either too big or to small, and show either too much or too little. Define your own reports, events, and out-of-control conditions.


Four reporting interfaces offer a variety of viewing choices. Use ATS CM4D Classic for highly customized reporting, ATS CM4D Interactive for on-the-fly, reporting, ATS CM4D Workcell for real-time reporting at the operator level, and Web Template Control for broadcasting templates to a wider audience over the web.


The alignment tool set within both the ATS CM4D Classic and Interactive interfaces uses proprietary algorithms that allow for sub-datum transformations of measurement routine data, saving both time and resources in the metrology lab. Sub-routines can be created from existing measurement data using appropriate datum schemas. Measurement routines no longer have to be re-programmed in the event that a locating datum changes. And true predictive assembly can be performed based on mounting datums long before the sub-assemblies are joined.


The ATS CM4D database schema is optimized for use with ATS CM4D applications as tool for data management. Unlike other graphical reporting systems, ATS CM4D report templates do not themselves contain the data and statistics they present. Rather, they contain variables, or references to the database where the data resides. This allows for the complex concepts of DataSets and DataStacks—important for high-level statistical reports—making ATS CM4D a true data management system rather than just a reporting tool.

Built-In Lessons Learned

ATS CM4D is the first dimensional data management product designed under the philosophy that the value of the data is just as important as the precision of the hardware used. Each stage of development has brought new challenges for creating a system that is designed for the special environment of metrology for manufacturing. Whether you measure vector or position coordinates, use the CAR or standard coordinate system, report true position or deviations, or care about Cpk.



ATS CM4D Applications

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