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ATS CM4D SPC Summary

A summary of the SPC charting and reporting capabilities of the ATS CM4D suite of products is outlined below.

SPC Charting

  • Customizable charting with saved design templates.
  • Event based styling/reporting enable dynamic styling and triggered drawing.
  • Tables detail subgroup values.
  • Process data segregation of historical changes or mean shifts.
  • Auto layout time efficiency
  • Drill-down analysis capable
  • Out-of-Control/Specification conditional marking (runs, side-of-mean, etc.)

  • Charts types

    • Trend
    • Subgroup Average and Range
    • Subgroup Average and Standard Deviation
    • Individual and Moving Range
    • Moving Average and Moving Range
    • Box and Whisker
    • Six Sigma
    • Six Sigma Projection
    • Histogram
    • Range
    • Pareto
    • Normal Probability Plot
    • Benchmark
    • Target
    • Measurement System Analysis

    Reportable Statistics and Statistical Summaries

    • Data maintained and reported in many forms (position, XYZ coordinates, diameter, angle, width, etc.)
    • Inherent tools select, isolate, organize, mathematically manipulate, and combine data.
    • Statistical data isolated for process changes or mean shifts
    • Historical change tracking and maintenance of process footprint information

    Statistics reportable on various types of data include:

    • CP, CpK, CR, CpM
    • PP, PpK, PR
    • Skewness, kurtosis, variance
    • Various percents/counts such as sample, total value, invalid, no specification limit, out-of-tolerance, out-of-control, etc.
    • Specification and control limit ranges adjusted for reporting type (car or vector based)
    • High value, Low value, Sum, Range, Median
    • Average, Moving Average, Subgroup Average
    • Grand Average (on entire set or subset of data)
    • Average Range, Average Moving Range
    • Standard Deviation (estimated and actual), Average Standard Deviation
    • Six Sigma, Three Sigma
    • Control Limits for control charts: Average and Range, etc.
    • Box plot statistics such as median of highs, median of lows, median, inner-quartile range, box high, box low, outer fence values
    • Normal probability correlation coefficient
    • Normality determination via D'Agostino Pearson Omnibus test or correlation coefficient t (ATS CM4D can attempt to normalize abnormal data via transformations)
    • Measurement system analysis statistics using average and range method and others
    • Range of variation statistics for target, center and spread
    • Deviation direction and average deviation direction
    • True Position
    • Tallies, grades, scores, benchmarks, and conformance summaries (via scoring and grading abilities)
    • User defined statistics via user defined equations


    SPC Charting & Reporting


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