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Predictive Join / Predictive Assembly

Predict assembly and join operations

  • Uses individual measurement data from each component
  • Loaded simultaneously for comparative analysis and reporting
  • Mathematically compared and analyzed
  • Management of Applied Tolerances, Control Limits, Process Variables, Statistics
  • Graphical comparisons of Trends, Deviations, Process Control
  • Compare and analyze data before parts are brought together
  • Enhance Prediction by applying ATS CM4D’s Alignment Tool
  • Define Alignment Datums on‐the‐fly, regardless of measurement process
  • Alters measurement results to reflect “as assembled” values
  • Simulates actual 3D surface inspection of “Real” assemblies

Predict modifications by entering virtual adjustments

  • Exercise “what‐if” scenarios
  • Apply virtual shim/grind values to predict effect
  • Measurement data immediately recomputed for display/analysis
  • See results before costly physical adjustments are made

Full integration into all ATS CM4D Management, Analysis, Reporting

  • Manage predicted data
  • Analysis and reports available on demand
  • Events/alarms can be set up based on Prediction Data

Predictive Assembly

Predictive Assembly


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