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New Features in ATS CM4D v19

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ATS CM4D – 64-bit

ATS CM4D is now available as a 64-bit application. This advancement will allow CM4D users to take full advantage of the processing power and memory utilization capabilities of modern 64-bit architecture.

ATS CM4D v19 will still be available in 32-bit. However, this version should only be installed on 32-bit operating systems, as there is no added benefit to installing a 32-bit version of CM4D on a 64-bit system (or vice versa).


In this release, FlexLM licensing has been discontinued, and CrypKey licensing has been re-introduced. All upgrades to v19 will require a new license. If you have a valid SMA, a new license (with the same features as your current license) will be included with your upgrade at no additional cost. Please see the Installation Help file for licensing instructions.

Migration Tools

If you are upgrading to v19, you will be required to perform a one-time migration of all existing DataSmith translators, DataSmith Batch settings, and database passwords. The necessary migration tools are included with the v19 installation packages. Please see the Installation Help file for instructions on how to use the migration tools.

WireSmith Removed

WireSmith has been removed from the CM4D suite of products, as it had become obsolete and incompatible with current technologies.


Versions & Development

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