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CM4D Workcell

CM4D Workcell offers the ability to monitor and analyze data in near real-time.

Basic Functionality

  • Analysis and presentation of data within moments of collection
  • Alarming
  • Automatic or Manual operation
  • Allows preview of data

Functional Capabilities

  • Support of dynamic 2D and 3D wireframe and tessellated images from CAD
  • Ability to rotate, zoom and pan 3D images
  • Automatic attachment of leader lines to image
  • 'Autoreport' capability for fast layout of custom charts
  • Ability to merge data from multiple routines and measurement devices

  • Charts
  • Automatic and manual chart generation
  • Ability to include multiple graphics and objects (images, text, etc.)
  • Basic SPC charts (Trend, X-Bar & R, Moving Range, etc), tables and descriptive summary ranking reports
  • Ability to overlay multiple data rows in a single chart
  • Advanced graph types (Box & Whisker, 6 Sigma Projection, Normality, Histogram, Pareto, Benchmark, Gage R&R, etc.)
  • Over 500 variables available as chart objects (Mean, Range, Standard deviation, Hi, Lo, Cp, Cpk, Pp, Ppk., etc.)
  • Ability to save charts and object formatting for later use

  • Statistics
  • Total statistical control limits generation implemented with trial limits
  • Multiple spec limits
  • Masking of selected sample data
  • Automatic masking of unreasonable data
  • Correct handling of No-Read/White-Sensor data report
  • Ability to derive vector deviation based on axis deviation
  • Graphical deviation report

  • Data Management
  • Subgroup criteria include shift, day, week, number of samples, and specific identifiers
  • Highly flexible manipulation of datasets and datastacks (append, collate, subtract, add, divide, etc.)
  • Advanced data and sample sifting, filtering and sorting for template development
  • Ability to add searchable logs to critical data operations
  • Engineering change support with date- and time- stamp
  • User-defined 'aliases' for user-friendly routine and feature names
  • Instant availability of data for report population
  • Editing of labels, nominal values, spec limits, control limits
  • Association of events with desired chart formats (font color and size and background color)
  • Hyperlinking of objects

  • Data Management
  • Measurement System Analysis wizard
  • Mathematical sub-datum transformations based on user-defined 3-2-1 schema
  • Creation of sub-routines
  • Creation of Constructed Features

  • File Management
  • Ability to export data in popular pre-defined text formats
  • Ability to print to PDF, Clipboard, MetaFile, Bitmap and JPEG
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    Product Description & Applications

    CM4D Classic
    Designed for the power user, CM4D Classic is the original CM4D reporting interface, with virtually unlimited reporting flexibility. [more]

    CM4D Interactive
    Designed with the ordinary user in mind, CM4Di is a data viewer for generating high-quality reports without the need to create templates. [more]

    CM4D Workcell
    CM4D Workcell offers the ability to monitor and analyze data in near real-time. [more]

    The most versatile translation tool in coordinate metrology, DataSmith is a powerful data parsing device with universal translation capabilities. [more]

    CM4D Scheduler
    The CM4D Scheduler application automates the process of generating PDF reports from user-defined templates on a scheduled or event-triggered basis. [more]

    DataSmith Batch
    DataSmith Batch automates the processing of data from your output text files into the CM4D database. [more]

    Designed for delivery of CM4D Scheduler-generated events (e.g., alarms) via e-mail subscription. [more]

    CM4D Web
    Designed for easy reporting over the web, ATS CM4D Web allows users to perform dynamic database queries inside pre-defined templates. [more]

    CM4D Reporter
    ATS’s award-winning software for inspection reporting and analysis - neatly packaged for the metrologist. [more]